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Customized Training Styles

Sport Specific Training

Sport specific training is an individual or team designed workout that meets the specific needs of every athlete. The programs I design are based on athlete’s sport, age, fitness level and overall goals. The programs consist of weight training for sports, core stability training, speed and agility drills, plyometrics, running techniques, flexibility and nutrition for optimal performance. No matter what sport you play, I will design a program that can take you to the next level of your art.

Pre/Post Natal Training and Coaching

Pre and post natal training and coaching focuses on keeping the mother to be AND the baby healthy during the duration of the pregnancy and after labor. Programs are individually designed based on each woman’s stage of pregnancy and/or after pregnancy and will incorporate strength training, core stability, nutrition guidance and cardiovascular training along with my personal guidance as far as natural labor, hypnobirthing and other labor options are concerned. Some of the benefits of maintaining a fitness program before, during and after pregnancy include: increased energy, reduction in bloating and swelling, weight control, reduction in gestational diabetes, maintaining and building muscle tone, improving posture and reducing back aches, promoting better sleep, boosting immune system and providing self-confidence and a healthy and happy baby and mommy.


Rehabilitation might be the most important type of specialized training. It’s a fragile art and done right it can help build you up almost exactly as you were before your injury. Whether you were injured in sports or an accident, muscle memory and strength building are key factors in the recovery process and having someone close at hand during the climb doesn’t hurt either. I have rehabilitated injuries as minor as sprains and twists and as serious as spinal fractures, bone reconstructions and frontal lobe injuries. The path can be difficult but the outcome is priceless and permanent.