Personal Training

One-on-One personal training is the most personal of all the training options. You will receive 100% of the attention and a much more personal coaching style for a customized fitness plan that will get you to your long term goals and in to a routine of healthy living.

During a One-on-One session, the efforts are solely on the client you are with.  I assist more closely with these clients and in return I require them to make goals and work hard at obtaining those goals so that success is achieved.  One of the benefits of being trained solo is the relationship you build with each other.  You grow so close with your trainer that within minutes of starting a session, I can tell how you’ve  eaten over the past 24 hours, how high or low your energy levels are, what you need in this particular session to make you work harder, and perhaps even sometimes a dash of love and therapy thrown in to heal the mental as well as shape the physical.

I believe strongly that a solo training session is the best choice if you are very goal driven, want results, want to be pushed and held accountable and prefer the personal coaching rather than a group setting.  It is more intense.  There is no slacking.  I expect 100% of you and in return you will receive 101% of me.

Session Pricing

*Sessions are 45 minutes in length

• ONE-ON-ONE/$60
• DUO/$45
• GROUPs of 3-5/$25-$40

Try a free session on us to experience what a workout should truly feel like.