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Laura Cascaddan

Laura Cascaddan



Laura Cascaddan

I strongly believe that what you put into your body, how you train, and what you feed your mind on a daily basis establishes the return investment. People call me hardcore, a fitness guru and sometimes even obsessed but I’ll tell you exactly what I am: passionate. I absolutely love life. I realized early in life that to get the most out of my time on this planet, I need to love myself, educate and nurture my mind and body, and give back to the world each and every day.

Being healthy isn’t just a “look,” it’s a choice. And, it’s a choice that one makes hopefully for life. I have spent countless hours coaching my clients to make the very most of this one and only life they have been given. I have a gentle heart and I love my 70 year olds as much as I love my young athletes. Success starts within and I strive to build successful humans who love themselves.

I will never train you as though there is a “quick fix.”  Quite frankly, there isn’t one.   If you give me your dedication, I will teach you the way to have the mind and body that you want.  It’s not complicated.  Hard work, dedication, and commitment to your goals is the answer.   You just need me to teach  you, drive you, and celebrate your successes 70-year-olds.  A healthy lifestyle of living in not just a destination…’s also a journey and one that I want to walk alongside of you as you do.


  • ACE Personal Trainer and Group Fitness
  • AFAA Personal Trainer and Group Fitness
  • Johnny G. Spinning
  • Paul Chek: Holistic Lifestyle Coach
  • Pre/Post Natal
  • Adult/Infant First Aid/CPR
  • ECA Annual Attendee for CEC’s NYC 2006-2012/Miami 2013-14