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SWEAT’S group fitness classes are unlike any other. Each class is led by our kick-ass instructors that go above and beyond in order to give you the best workout ever while pumping music to get you motivated and inspired to push thru that extra rep or push through to the end when youre not sure you can! Whether it’s a SPIN class, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or an ULTIMATE CHALLENGE, you will be training your body to improve its caardiovascular endurance and enhance your overall fitness level in every way possible while also knowing you’re in good hands.


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Choosing a personal trainer that will meet your needs is crucial considering the investment you are putting into your decision and commitment.   The Trainers at SWEAT all have a personal style which is beautiful because we are able to meet the needs of all.   Our trainers  work with each individual client to create a fitness program that will not only motivate you about your decision but also  challenge and keep you accountable to your exercise goals.  An initial one-on-one consultation takes into consideration each client’s health history and fitness needs to create a customized workout focusing on getting you to the goals that you have  for yourself.  You’re in good hands.